If you've been on Twitter recently, you may have seen the buzz or heard the rumors.  Following a rather cryptic and suggestive tweet, internet speculation was swirling that McDonald's was considering bringing back the McPizza. Remember the McPizza???

If you lived in the tristate area during the late 80s and early 90s, you likely do.  It was 1989 that McDonald's launched and tested the product right here in the WBKR listening area.  McDonald's locations in Owensboro, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana were serving up 14-inch, family-style pizzas and, if you ask me, they were delicious.  Heck, my college friends and I friggin' loved them!  They were cheap, they were dorm-room friendly and they were surprisingly good.

See if this rings a bell.  Here's one of the official commercials for McPizza!

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When it was all said and done, McPizza ended up in about 500 locations across the United States, but the trend was rather short-lived.  The fast food giant eventually decided that the baking time of 14 minutes wasn't really in keeping with their commitment to "FAST" food.  So, the pizza boxes were tossed in the trash and the McPizza joined the list of discontinued McDonald's menu items.

However, McDonald's had McPizza fans buzzing over the last few days.  In fact, since last Friday, the McPizza was trending on Twitter.

See, what happened was this.  McDonald's Canada tweeted this:

Instantly, McPizza started to trend because there are a lot of folks, just like me, who LOVED the McPizza.  It didn't take long (a matter of hours actually) for McDonald's to address those quickly circulating rumors.  As the rumor mill continued kneading the figurative and literal dough, they posted this:  

On Saturday, August 28th, McDonald's Canada addressed the speculation even more specifically.  They essentially squashed the rumor completely.

And, then, yesterday, on August 31st as promised, McDonald's made the big reveal.  It wasn't a relaunch of the McPizza after all.  McDonald's Canada rolled out Spicy Chicken McNuggets.  DANG!!    

Oh well.  The excitement and anticipation were fun while they lasted.  Of course, that goes for the actual McPizza too.  It was a McWonderful idea and an incredible McMenu item.  May it rest in pieces.  Or slices.


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