If you have seen the movie Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller and Robert Di Niro, then the joke has probably explained itself.  Its a movie about meeting the girlfriends parents for the very first time.  The most terrifying and awkward moments we men go through.  Now for women its an easy task to meet the better half's parents.. At least you make it seem like you're good at it.

This past weekend I was Gaylord "Greg" Focker, and here is my story.

I moved to Owensboro about 2 months ago, started my job and got settled. Recently I found a girlfriend and the time came to go "meet the rents".  I was invited over for a Sunday lunch and I was rather excited to get out and meet some new people.

Upon arrival i gave the standard "index finger middle knuckle 4 knocker" on the front door and it was quickly answered by the band of little brothers known as Johnny and Aiden.  I stepped inside and quickly became a punching post and jungle gym as i made my way into the living room.  The living room turned meeting room as Father came in.  Extremely nice guy, solid handshake and a great vibe came off of him.  I grabbed a seat on the couch and resumed jungle gym duty. After a couple minutes pass Brenda and her Father and myself  met while Spiderman lost his powers on television. Again wonderful people with wonderful smiles and they both seemed very happy to meet me, which made me feel right at home.  Grandma as well was extremely nice and warm hearted.  The older brothers Matt and Larry showed up and we did car talk and business talk for awhile before lunch began.  Matt Brought his daughter Ilima who reminded me of my niece Paisley Jean.

Lunch was excellent.  Steak, green beans and an excellent mashed potato/baked potato combination. Dinner table conversations rounded around Corvettes, lottery tickets, radio stuff and why I chose Owensboro to reside.

After dinner we made our way back into the living room for NCAA action, Indiana vs. Temple.  Matt, Larry and Grandma took off, Margaret and Johnny fell asleep, leaving just Father and myself to talk about whatever we felt like.  Short back and forth conversations ensued and before I knew it he dozed off leaving me to be the only one awake in the house aside from Aiden and Ilima who were playing in the basement.  Ok.. not to worry, just pretend that being the only one awake on meet the parents day is fine... just watch the game... Then i started thinking.  What if someone steals my car from the driveway?  Do i scream or just let it go so no one is disturbed?  What if a funny commercial comes on and I laugh too loud and ruin everybody's nap? What if UPS shows up with a package? Do I sign for it with my name or Father's name? Why would UPS show up on a Sunday? Is my car locked?  Its so incredible what goes through your head during these moments.  I figured out what to do, I went to sleep.  And when I woke up another round of handshakes came about and Margaret and I left. Easy easy easy,  Thank heavens it worked out!

Great people, great experience and the awkwardness never really came about, so all in all,  meet the parents day was a success. Praise!