I see this problem all the time here in Kentucky.  Now I know that you don't ever do it but it seems every single time that I pull out onto Frederica, Carter or West Parrish I have to sit in the middle to wait for traffic to clear before I merge onto the road.  Michigan is planning to stop this. 

My all time favorite app on my phone is CarBuzz.  It keeps me up to date on everything automotive and It is a car lovers dream app.  This is where I got the story and it seems like Michigan's Finest will start getting on to drivers that are moseying along in the outside lane instead of getting out of the way when someone wants on the road.

Timothy Messick Getty Images

Here in Owensboro as mentioned before I see it every day.  ESPECIALLY when I'm leaving the radio station.  I have to sit in the middle and wait for people driving in the left hand lane while no one is next to them.  Just merge people.   Courtesy is key on the road.  Sometimes they love to slam on their brakes too.  Instead of just merging they pound on their brakes like it's my fault I'm trying to get on the road.

Don't even get me started on the bypass.  That road should be called the "PassBy the car in the right lane road."

Anyway I hear people complain about this all the time!  So let's get that right blinker on and merge out of the way when someone wants on to the road.