March is National Kidney Month and I wanted you to hear the remarkable story of Owen Daugherty. Tyler Daugherty, Owen's Mom shares their amazing story of Faith, Hope & Love. Her son Owen was born with Kidney Failure and in order for him to live, he would need a Kidney transplant. Tyler shares with us the story of the two operations that Owen went through while she was pregnant and the months that followed. Owen was a very sick baby when he was born and spent 100 days in the hospital.

Before the age of 2 years old, Owen had his kidney transplant. His Aunt Carrie was a perfect match for Owen and she gave her kidney so that he would live. It is hard to describe the interview Tyler and I had about Owen's story and about Carrie's selfless act of love to save Owen.

I hope you enjoy listening to this story and realize we are all on this earth for God's purposes. Owen is a world changer, he has changed the lives of so many people who hears his story. His Aunt Carrie is a Hero and we also celebrate her, an ordinary person who did such an extraordinary thing to help save Owen.

Tyler writes a blog about Owen called KnowinOwen, you can read it here

For the exercise segment I had Tyler test out a Kettle Bell for her very first time. She did really well and thinks this is an exercise she could do in her home.