The case of an Indiana man who has been missing since December has caught the attention of national media.

Reported Missing December 10, 2022

The family of 47-year-old Kenneth Brian Colbert reported him missing to authorities on December 10, 2022, after he reportedly failed to return home from work. The Evansville, Indiana man's family received their last communication from him on December 9th by text message.

Evansville Police Department via Facebook

What We Know

As we previously reported on December 19th, Colbert works in Princeton, Indiana. He was described by the Evansville Police Department as, "a black male, about 5'10, skinny build, and has a neck tattoo on the right side of his neck." Colbert drives a Toyota Avalon that is plum in color.

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National Coverage

The story of Kenneth Brian Colbert is making national headlines. In an article about the missing Evansville man, NBCNews shares details of their Dateline interview with Colbert's wife, as well as one of his stepchildren. He and his wife have been together for 26 years, and he is described by those who love him as a "family man."

Evansville Police Department via Facebook

Working the Case

According to Dateline, Evansville Police are no longer working on the case and say that it is now being handled by the Indiana State Police, who told Dateline that they do not suspect foul play. Colbert's wife told Dateline that she does not believe that to be the case. The missing man's phone is no longer working and believes that his sim card has been compromised after making a call to her cellular provider. The family also raises the question of how a 3,000-pound car just disappears.

Searching Land and Water

As the search on land continues, so now does the search in surrounding bodies of water. According to Dateline, the family now has the help of Chaos Divers, an organization that has successfully recovered 15 missing people in the last 15 months. Chaos Divers have searched the Wabash and White Rivers, as well as a number of retention ponds in Indiana for Colbert and his Toyota.

Do You Have Information

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of 47-year-old Kenneth Brian Colbert, you are asked to contact the Indiana State Police by calling 1-800-852-3970.


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