Missions of Love has been working in Haiti for over 25 years.

This mission located right here in Hartford, Ky, works to fund children in school, pays for feeding programs and takes care of payroll for the missions Haitian employees.  The past year has not been great for donations as the economy has been in a slump.

The mission is now setting up a relief fund for Hurricane Matthew.  With Cholera spreading through Haiti, water purification is a must.  Think about this for a moment...you come in from outside or one of your children asks for a glass of water and you have to tell them "No" because your water isn't clean.  I cannot even imagine being without clean water.


Our Haitian friends can too, with our help.  Gadyen Dlo is manufactured at a compound in Jolivert, Haiti.  Just one bottle of this can purify 185 gallons of water and only costs around 35 cents.

If you would like to donate head over to the Missions Of Love website.


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