The night fishing adventure near Bagnell Dam in Missouri may have started out slow, but it didn't end that way. A fisherman shared video showing that he ended his fishing night surrounded by giant catfish.

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This just-shared video by Sarge's Adventures on YouTube had a simple sentence explaining what happened:

Slow evening of fishing till It got dark and I found myself surrounded by LOTS of GIANTS.

He wasn't kidding either. Make sure to pay close attention to the light on the water near the end.

Just about every year of my childhood, my dad would take me to Bagnell Dam for a fishing trip. As I recall, he was mainly interested in fly fishing while I normally went after bass and trout. Never did I ever see catfish of this size, but then again we never fished at night or from a paddleboat. I'm not sure the exact part of Bagnell Dam this guy was fishing in, but I wish he'd make a big X on a map for me so I could go check it out.

By far, my favorite fishing and adventuring in Missouri is the Eleven Point River. You haven't lived until you've canoed and fished that part of the state. Some of my best childhood memories happened there.

Congrats to this fisherman on knowing where and when the giant catfish appear. A night fishing trip is now on my bucket list.

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