Well, maybe praised is a strong word. But, it is true the Missouri has been recognized for having the least expensive cigarette prices in the United States.

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Quick disclaimer: I don't smoke. Never have. Never will. However, I have many friends who do and I'm no one's judge. With that out of the way, this is not my ranking. Nope. This is from the fun website Home Snacks. They used a number of metrics including the average cigarette prices from Tobacco Free Kids and also computed each state's tobacco tax gathering data from a number of places. It's pretty scientific actually.

With the numbers crunched, this is the map showing each state's average cigarette price and you'll see Missouri is #1 for lighting up for cheap.

Infographic, Home Snacks
Infographic, Home Snacks

I have to confess I'm a little surprised. I would have figured one of the southern states with more local tobacco production would end up on the lower end and to a certain degree that's true, but Missouri is lower than all of them.

When you cross the river, you see that the opposite is true for Illinois. It's the 9th most expensive state for cigarettes. Looking at you, Illinois tax man. It's common knowledge the same is true for gasoline, so why not cigarettes?

Again, I'm not recommending that anyone smoke or not smoke. It's your life. Live it. Just know if smoking is your thing, you can't do it any cheaper than you can in Missouri.

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