I've heard similar stories to this, but this one is new. A Missouri woman claims that she heard 'something' call her name from the woods, but when she investigated, no one was there...at least nothing she could see.

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I found this new story shared on the Paranormal sub-Reddit page. I am virtually positive this is from the Mark Twain National Forest region in Missouri although no exact location is given in the Reddit conversation. They do mention in the story that there have been a rash of Bigfoot sightings in the area and that's exactly what's happened in the Mark Twain National Forest.

While I highly recommend that you read the full story on Reddit, here's the short version:

  • Woman takes her 2 kids to her parents cabin in the middle of the woods
  • Her kids were watching TV and her parents were talking in another room, so she went to a detached garage to play pool
  • On the way back to the house, she heard a child's voice say her name from the woods. She yelled back, but got no answer
  • She went to the edge of the woods and heard the voice again, but this time it didn't sound like a child
  • She rushed back into the cabin and found her kids still watching TV and her parents still talking. What was in those woods?

Here's a snippet of her exact eyewitness testimony:

I heard a child’s voice in the woods, I couldn’t understand what it said but it was clear as day and sounded like it was maybe a 100 yards away. I stopped and looked in the direction it came from trying to see if maybe it was one of my kids and they had went outside without me knowing. Then I heard the voice again and it literally said my name like it was calling me. However it didn’t really sound like one of my kids so I yelled back and got no answer.

There's a lot of conjecture about what she heard. Legends claim that "Bigfoot" can mimic sounds and voices. She said her parents have no neighbors for miles, so there's no immediate explanation about what she heard. All that is certain is that the Mark Twain National Forest is notorious for mysteries like this. This new story just adds to that enigma.

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