Be warned, I plan to milk this for all it's worth.

Even Santa is Surprised

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to make sure that you are paying attention to their social media this season. They have even caught Santa's eye with their version of Elf on the Shelf. I'm not sure if this puts them on the nice or naughty list. Is there a funny list? 

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Cow on a Plow

Of course, Cow on a Plow is the first thing that I uttered when I saw my friend Mandy share this photo. The comments on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Facebook page are pretty funny, and dare I say they will boost your moood?

"Cow on the Cab" Cindi Lou Lawson

Cow on the Cob


"Cow on a Plow ORRRRR...WAIT FOR IT…A plowed Cow!! Lol" Hannah Baker

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"Chick-fil-A, is this a new ad??? Lol!!!" Jessica Chappell
Yes, delivery. Just not on Sunday!

What's Clem the Elf up to?

We shouldn't have to keep tabs on Clem, since he is technically in custody, or works for the Evansville Police Department (We aren't really sure yet). But you should keep your eyes peeled for him because he has been up to plenty of shenanigans.


 Clem asked to go on a ride-along today - Officers Pierce and Bagby let him attempt to work the microphone and run the MCT. Thankfully, he couldn't push in the microphone button very well, Central Dispatch probably would have heard some interesting conversations between these three.

Evansville Police Reveal Name of Mystery Elf

It isn't every day that a government office gets a suspicious package like the one the Evansville Police Department received recently.

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