I have seen several good news stories recently from my hometown of Princeton, Indiana and I love sharing them. Mayor Greg Wright has made great progress with improving the parks and adding more Christmas cheer.

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I can't believe that it has been a full year since Shannon Lindsay was named the Director of The Princeton Public Library. Aside from her family and Disney, Shannon lives for the library, and it shows. Well, during the holidays, you could say it glows.


You Could Even Say That It Glows

Growing up, I always looked forward to the strings of Christmas lights adorning the courthouse. Eventually, it became a bit too dangerous to check every bulb and climb to the very top of the clocktower, So, the city invested in pretty snowflakes that were easier to assemble on the streetlights. But, something was still missing...Library Director Shannon Lindsay had a bright plan;

S. Linsey
S. Lindsay

I LOVE my Princeton Public Library so much it hurts sometimes! To continue our Year of Experiences, For our first time, we have lights on the outside of the library! They are STUNNING!!! The videos or pics don’t do it justice! Thank you, Blaine at Mr. Sudsy! Fabulous work!!! Take a drive and check them out!

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Friends of the Library Book Sale - 124 South Hart Street Princeton, IN 47711

This is the perfect opportunity to see the lights and pick up stocking stuffers, and maybe something for yourself too.

Friday and Saturday, December 2 & 3 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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