Maybe it's because it's 25 degrees outside or maybe it's because I just tend to want things I can't have, but here lately, I've really been thinking about a vacation. And, not just any vacation, but my dream vacation. The kind of dream vacation where money is no object and any place is fair game. So, wanna know where it is?!? Go ahead, take a look and prepare to join me in this vacation wish! 

LikuLliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji

Yes, it's Fiji. And, not just any place in Fiji, but Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji. Why? Well, here are a few reasons...

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji

It's breathtakingly beautiful. Well, at least from the pictures, ha! Look at that view. Just looking at it relaxes me a little bit, doesn't it you? I can almost feel the sun on my skin, the breeze thru my hair and a fruity drink in my hand. Ahh... perfection.

The seclusion is very attractive. No offense against Panama City Beach or Destin, but everytime I go, I always see someone from home. And, don't get mad, but when I'm on vacation, I'm in chill mode, not let's hug and chit-chat for 15 minutes mode. Too harsh? Ha! Hey, this is an adults only resort, I even don't want to see my own kid! No, but really, it's in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Australia. You fly into the Nadi International Airport (I had no clue where that was, totally goggled it), then to get to the resort, you can take a fast catamaran, private speedboat, seaplane or helicopter. In case you are wanting to surprise me with this trip and are wondering, I would choose the helicopter. Being here for a week with your boo, not worrying about running into anyone you know, not answering emails or texts, sounds pretty fantastic, doesn't it?

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji

Everything that I need is right here at the resort. I can eat, drink, be merry, snorkel, go paddle boarding, deep sea fishing,  kayak, do nothing, go to the spa... you name it, it's there! And, they'll even schedule you a tour of the village and get you to a traditional church service on Sunday! I'm a minimal-effort vacationer. I like to stay as close to one place as possible, exert the smallest effort as I can while on holiday. I've also started to call vacation holiday, you know, just speaking the lingo, ha!

And, my final and most appealing feature of the Likuliku Lagoon Resort Figi... the over-water bure. Here is the official description...

Fiji’s first and only.

Perched on the edge of the vibrant fringing reef and marine sanctuary, these Bures feature traditional architecture and materials using natural elements unique to the region.  Elegant and stylish pieces surround you and you wonder at the detail in the woodwork, the “magi magi” designs, and the richness of the fabrics.

Laze on your deck or luxuriate in your separate bathing pavilion with Lagoon views from your grand bathtub. Enjoy your daily canapé plate from Chef with a glass of Champagne as the living aquarium dazzles beneath you.

Likuliku’s Over-Water Bures.   Only ten – private, exclusive and beautiful.

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji (If you're playing the home game, I prefer the bure on the front left. Thank you, kindly.)

Y'all, it's over the water!!! AND, there are steps outside of your over-water bure that allow you to snorkel right outside of it! You just go right into the water! Is this the most romantic place you've ever seen? Y'all can keep your high-rise, penthouse fancy-pants hotels, I want a hut on the water! There is also a sun deck, one of those cute little beds with the canopy over it, complimentary cookies and nightly turn-down service. Sidenote: If I can't stay in an over-water bure, I'll gladly take a deluxe beachfront bure. Those have a private pool for each bure and an outdoor shower. Don't judge me, I'm on pretend holiday.

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji

I'm not going to let reality dull this fantasy for me, but this vacation, for 7 days would cost me a minimal $15,000, depending on what the flight rates out of LAX are running. Yes, I've actually priced flights with some mock dates, haha!

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji

Until then, I'll just make due here in the frigid arctic that we lovingly call Kentucky and dream of my over-water bure at the Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji. Chillin on my deck, with my champagne and sun-kissed skin. Ahh... a girl can dream.

Likuliku Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji (Whomever I go with, I really want us to eat dinner here one night)