Before Saturday, Auburn hadn't beaten Kentucky in basketball since 2000. That's 18-game losing streak to the Wildcats.

But now Saturday's 75-70 victory over UK will end up costing the Tiger $100,000.

Because, if Auburn hadn't beaten Kentucky, Auburn students wouldn't have stormed the court in wild jubilation and the school wouldn't have assessed the hefty fine.

SEC regulations forbid court-storming or field-rushing. And if it happens, the school in question is fined $50,000.

Well, that's what Auburn had to fork over three years ago when the Tigers beat arch-rival Alabama three years ago in football and the fans rushed the field and took down the goal-post.


Fifty grand.

And since it's now happened again, this time in basketball, the fine has doubled. If it happens AGAIN, it will cost Auburn $250,000.

Fans of underdog teams tend to storm the court or rush the field when said teams beat other teams they're not expected to beat.

Opponents of Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and other perennial top ten teams are usually primed for it.

But in the SEC, it's costly...and getting costlier.