As I watch the news footage this morning of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, I’m struggling with my emotions. Tears are falling as I listen to Mother’s, Father’s and Friends who are still waiting to hear news about whether their loved ones are in surgery at hospitals or if they were killed and are still inside the nightclub. I can’t even imagine that pain.

I’m a Christian and I have many friends in the LGBT community.

Let me tell you about some of these friends. They’re charitable, have bigger hearts than most, stand up for people and would give their shirts off their backs if someone needs it. They celebrate everyone and would do anything for the pet community. I love my friends for exactly who they are. I’ve been to nightclubs with my friends similar to the one in Orlando and have had the time of my life. Every single person in the club was kind, liked to have fun and I could tell that they had joy in their hearts.

They also have challenges. Because of how they were born and who they are, they have people who turn their backs on them. Not just people, but family, friends and their church. Can you imagine having your family write you off? I had parents who loved me unconditionally so I can’t even imagine. They have to deal with people who have hate in their hearts. The shooting this morning should never have happened, but there was hate in the killers heart.

Let me pose a question.

You’re in front of Jesus when your short life on Earth is done. He asks you whether you treated ALL people kindly. You pause and think about your answer. He then tells you he created ALL people on Earth as a test of your faith and human spirit. How did you treat your fellow man no matter their color, race, faith, straight or gay………. Will you pass or fail the test? Life on Earth is limited and we all fall short sometimes, but how will you fix your bigotry toward mankind? I choose to love everyone and although I’ll fall short at times, I’ll always work on being a better me so when my time comes, I can have the answer that shouldn’t even need to be asked. How about you?

You could also have best friends like me that I’ll love and support until my last breath! I’m blessed indeed.


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