Farmers in Kentucky have voiced some concern over recent attacks by a wild, mystery animal that has been mauling their livestock - but never so far as to kill and eat them.

According to reports, the attacks have been going on for the past several weeks in Shelby County, Kentucky. So far, at least five goats have had to be put down due to the extent of their injuries. In addition, while other animals victimized by this fiendish beast have not sustained life-threatening injuries, some of them have been left disfigured, while others have had their ears chewed off.

Authorities say they are not sure what kind creature could be initiating these attacks. Some of the locals believe their livestock is being hunted by el chupacabra (goat sucker), which has been blamed for similar attacks in Mexico and surrounding areas.

However, experts say that it is unlikely a mythical devil dog that is wreaking havoc on the livestock in Kentucky. The Center for Wildlife Damage Management says that these attacks resemble the work of a domestic dog more so than some blood sucking supernatural creature.

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