If you get motion sick, you're probably looking for any form of relief. And a source of it is coming from an unlikely place: NASA.

NASA actually spends a lot of money studying and fighting motion sickness: Being able to ward it off is vital to future space travel plans. But NASA isn't also drowning in cash, so it's partnered with a pharmaceutical company, Epiomed Therapeutics, to introduce the drug.

The active ingredient, scopolamine, is actually some pretty neat stuff. Unlike other motion sickness remedies, it won't make you drowsy, and it's more effective.

NASA knows this because they gave it to test subjects and then subjected them to the Human Disorientation Device, which spins you around a central point really fast while also spinning you in random directions in your chair. Those with scopolamine lasted 20% longer before, well, granting their lunch liftoff.

It still needs FDA approval, but you can probably expect this in 2015.

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