Ah, winter traditions...hot chocolate, building snowpeople, a fire in the fireplace...praying as you navigate the hilly streets you need to take to get to the main road.

That last one is a new tradition for me, since I moved to a neighborhood that requires travel over hills to get to a road you KNOW has been taken care of by road crews. Mm, mm, mm...just can't get enough of this lovely icy weather.

And scene.

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Yes, a healthy dose of sarcasm from yours truly as I report the latest findings from our good friends at the National Weather Service. It seems an ice storm just isn't enough for February 2021.

Let's start with this:

And now, as if gliding across the ice in a fancy costume in the Winter Olympics, let's segue into this:

And, of course, the implication here is NOT to accost the messenger. The National Weather Service is often put in the position of telling us what we DON'T want to hear.

I will say this about this ice storm. I was a little nervous about leaving the house today, only because my driveway slopes something fierce. But it was fine. And, really, so were my neighborhood streets.

But my car sits low and while I did fine driving today, I'm not sure I'll be able to get it over mounds of snow, should that occur. And I might have to deal with that, living on a street not considered a MAIN street.

Time for more milk, bread, and eggs. We'll keep you posted.

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