Ever wondered which of the six Brady kids that you're most like? It's Throwback Thursday so let's have some fun celebrating our favorite family. Let's find out who the WBKR personalities most resemble!


Chad has much in common with Greg Brady. He's an overachiever just like Marsha, and thinks that he's a great singer. We know how much he loves a microphone and the stage! Chad secretly dreams each night of becoming the next "Johnny Bravo". I'm sure Chad has a matador's jacket in his closet ready for the stage. You know that I'm right! And, do you remember when Greg goat-napped the mascot from a rival school because they had swiped theirs? Just like Greg, Chad is always "butting" in to have the last word, or goat in this case. He's so baaaaad.

Oh, and fun fact. Later in life Greg became an OB/GYN and had a son named Kevin. Just look at all of those parallels!

Moving on to the woman that Chad would do ANYTHING for. “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia...." Remember when Marsha and Greg brought rival dates home to try and one up each other? Or, when they each wanted the new room in the attic?

She knows that Chad is in charge, but is quite alright playing 2nd fiddle, and bossing the rest of us around. Especially Jan.

Of course, Angel doesn't have any TV-star idols like Davy Jones. The love for her husband Joe is REAL. Just follow her on social media! "Grateful for a husband who loves me well. And I am blessed to be able to love him in the very same way" AND, then there's this recent gem, "He has the best laugh EVER. Literally brightens my whole world. We've been watching 90's sitcoms and he giggles and it just makes me so happy. My guy."

I'm sure she laid this shirt on the bed, and like he had a choice but to wear it! Let's be honest. This, of course, is how Angel saw/wrote it, "My Love. Believe it or not we did not plan these shirts. He just knows." Oh yeah, he just knows that he'd better or Angel will LOSE IT.......

Angel Welsh

Moving on to Jan. ME!!!.... this Jan Brady quote pretty much sums it up nicely here at work. "Am I invisible?! Do I not have a voice? I had that idea two days ago!" Yep, pretty much my life with Chad and Angel! I always say that it's Greg and Marsha's world, and I'm just living in it.

Taken from another classic Brady Bunch episode, and the last two lines pretty much mirrors my life with Angel!!!

“- Peter Brady: If we don't raise $20,000 in one week, we'll have to move.
- Bobby Brady: And go to a new school.
- Jan Brady: And make new friends.
- Marcia Brady: But Jan, you don't have any friends

And, let's face it, nobody can rock out a black wig like Jan and I (Halloween 2020).

gvrdners via YouTube
Barb Birgy
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Porkchops and Applesauce! Spence and Peter Brady have many things in common. Peter was the clumsiest of the bunch, and well.... Spence is sporting a hurt leg from a recent fall, as I type. I would call Peter the sensitive type who gets his feelings hurt the most. Spence always strives to be his best and when he falls short, he beats himself up. He also has a dry sense of humor and is funny like Peter!

Erin Grant as Cindy is almost, but not quite perfect. Erin excelled in the performing arts just like Cindy. I don't think Erin is a snoop and shares secrets like Cindy, but maybe she's the one who told Chad that I got 'Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound' and did 'Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo' last weekend. Getting 'Drunk at a Bar' wasn't the issue. Well, we all know what 'Tequila' does. It makes 'Her Clothes Fall Off'. That may have been the issue. Maybe it was Marsha who told Greg about me getting 'All Jacked Up'. I wouldn't put it past that hussy.

It looks like they are on a Zoom or Teams call!

Now, let's talk about Brent as Bobby Brady! First thing that stands out is the fact that Bobby always wanted to be taller. Brent always wants to grow more hair. Bobby always had trouble with the ladies and well, Brent still doesn't have any ladies. Bobby always tried to find a talent that he was good at, and Brent STILL hasn't found his yet. Bobby had trouble fitting in, and always felt excluded. We just don't invite Brent anywhere, not that he would come anyway! Yep, Brent is the grown-up version of Bobby Brady.

I could see this happening to Brent.

Now, that we've had some nostalgic fun, which Brady Bunch character do you most resemble?

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