When I was at Fordsville Days over the weekend I noticed a new addition in town. ButterCream Bakery has opened its doors so I took a peek inside. Take a look and check out the menu for yourself.

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

When I was hanging out in Fordsville on Saturday, I was surprised to see a new bakery had opened up over the summer. ButterCream Bakery is located on Main St. off of Hwy 54. You can smell the fresh baked goods as you walk down the street. From pickle cupcakes, cheesecake-filled cones, paninis to strawberry shortcakes, they have a wide variety of menu items for lunch and dinner. And, starting next month, breakfast options too. I had the chance to tour the bakery and chat with owner Jessica Sorrentino about the store. She's been baking for over seven years and opening a bakery storefront has always been a dream for her. That dream is now a reality. She has been renovating the historic building and it looks beautiful inside. They plan to start working on the outside soon.

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Let's take a look inside and check out the menu options.

ButterCream Bakery Open in Downtown Fordsville

ButterCream Bakery is located right off HWY 54 in Fordsville. They offer something for your sweet tooth, lunch on the go, and a friendly smile. Soon breakfast will be an option too!

Jessica also loves her community and gives back whenever she possibly can, which is a beautiful thing.

So, what do you think? Fordsville is growing, and maybe with this new bakery, in more ways than one! #toosweetnottoeat

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