While there hasn't been any baseball or softball at Jack C. Fisher Park in Owensboro for a couple of months because of COVID-19, major improvements at the park continue.  And, today, when I was getting in my Saturday morning run, I noticed that one those improvements is now complete.  Check out the brand new baseball/softball structure that greets visitors at the main entrance to the park!  This is pretty cool. #OwensboroSlugger

Jack C. Fisher Park was established in 1987 and was named after former Owensboro Mayor Jack C. Fisher.   It is a 33-acre park featuring four baseball/softball fields, a practice field, fishing lake and more.

The park is currently closed for major renovations.  The park was shut down last Fall and crews have been working on the following improvements:

Hybrid fields: synthetic grass on the infield, natural grass outfields

New infield/outfield irrigation system

Batting cages

Front parking lot expansion

Practice field renovations

And, of course, the brand new signage

According to the Owensboro Parks and Rec official website, those improvements comprise Phase One of the project.  Phase Two, which is set to begin later this year, will feature additional improvements like a ticketing plaza at the main gate and a playground.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

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