I've seen the name floating around Facebook and I've seen high praise for the pizza, so I'm looking forward to the opening of PeezO's on West 2nd Street in Owensboro.

Our friend and "local eater" Mike Chaney says he is "jonesing" for it.

I spoke with owner Larry Owen and I am here to tell you, his is one amazing story. So let's get started.

In fact, let's get started with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not kidding.

Larry works at Aleris and was furloughed during the quarantine and that is how it all began.

He bought an old conveyor pizza oven at a gas station/convenience store for a couple hundred bucks. After he got it home, he began watching YouTube videos and episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives to learn how to make pizza sauce.

To that knowledge he added what he'd learned from his experiences travelling for work between Texas and Detroit and stopping at local pizza places along the way.

He combined all of that and came up with HIS signature pizza sauce and his own brand of pizza.

Larry then ordered pizza boxes off Amazon and prepared pizzas for his friends, who were very quick to rave about them. Soon, word was spreading all over Facebook about how delicious Larry's pizzas were and the next thing you know, PeezO's was born.

Dave Spencer/Facebook
Dave Spencer/Facebook

Larry says he'll open PeezO's (the capital O at the end for Owen, of course), at the end of July at 2100 West 2nd Street in the former El Mescal location.

And of course, we wish him well. And of course, now I want pizza.

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