What the world needs are more people helping others.  That is just what one family of missionaries in Owensboro on the west end has been doing.  Meet the Kline family.  This week their family is hosting a super fun event and everyone is invited to attend.

The Kline's have been stationed in the west end of Owensboro for missions for several years.  When I spoke to Rebekah a few weeks ago when I went to visit her she said she loves living where she does.  Her neighbors and the neighborhood are constantly checking on her and her family and they are one big community that takes care of one another.

They usually host a huge Vacation Bible School in the side yard of their home however, this year COVID-19 has prevented them from doing so.  Just as many others they are making lemonade out of lemons and serving others in newfound ways.  This is the 10th Anniversary for 5th Street VBS.

What a fun Friday night it will be, July 10, at 7 p.m. they say you'll know when the fun begins as the Kentucky Gentlemen Motorcycle Club rolls through for the parade.  If you would like to be a part of the parade you can decorate your vehicle and SIGN UP HERE so they know how many cars to expect so they can plan for everyone.

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