Fans heading to Ford Center for sporting events, concerts, expos, or whatever will be subject to new safety procedures beginning with the Harlem Globetrotters game on Wednesday, January 14th.

Up to this point, fans were scanned by a metal detector to see if they were attempting to smuggle something in. There was no request to remove items from pockets, no pat down, or any other form of checking to make sure everybody was on the up-and-up. That all changes beginning Wednesday according to a press release provided by Ford Center management.

According to the release:

  • All bags are subject to visual inspection before entering facility
  • All coats and jackets must be taken off and screened prior to entering facility
  • All bags entering facility should be soft sided and smaller than 13”x13”x13”
  • Backpacks are NOT allowed in the facility
  • No outside food and beverage allowed in facility

In addition, fans with large belt buckles, eyeglass cases, cameras, and cell phones (i.e. items where contraband can be hidden) will be required to remove those items from their person before entering the arena.

Belts, hats, shoes, watches and jewelry, wallets, and loose change can remain on your body or pockets without search.

Ford Center management is putting the word out early so fans can prepare; and encourages fans to plan their trip to the venue accordingly to allow the proper amount of time to get through the checkpoints.