It's no secret that a lot of people have lost their jobs in the more recent years due to computers and robots that are capable of doing it (free of charge), but will your job suffer the same fate?

Now, I am  not saying that it is right that people have/will lose jobs to computers and robots, but businesses see this as free labor that saves them money. That being said, with technology constantly getting more and more high tech, there's a lot of concern out there that some folks may be without a job due to these circumstances.

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Thanks to "Time" magazine and the consulting firm McKinsey, you can now find out the likelihood of a robot is going to take your job. This online tool is simple and easy to use. Essentially, you just type in your profession and it will tell you how much of your work can someday be taken over by machines...machines taking over??? I fell like I have seen this in a movie didn't turn out well for humans. Thanks, Skynet!

For example, if I were to type in "Radio and Television Announcers," the results show that 20% of that job can be done by a robot. Not only that, it shows how safe your job is compared to others. Radio and Television Announcing jobs are safer than 74.1% of jobs. THANK GOODNESS!!!

There is good news on the horizon for everyone, they say robots can only FULLY replace about 5% of us...however, they still may be able to do MOST of your work. It's a really cool tool. Check it out for yourself!



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