I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, saw this and knew I had to share it.  I saw an Owensboro Barter and Trade post that featured an autographed copy of a script of the TV show Full House.  And it wasn't just any copy signed by any cast member.  It's a copy of the pilot episode- "Our Very First Show"- and it's signed by Bob Saget!

Andrew Goldman

I reached out to Andrew Goldman, the fan who's selling the signed copy.  Andrew is a huge auction fan (he refers to himself as an "auction junkie") and picked up the Full House script years ago.  He says, "I loved the show growing up and the reboot brought back a lot of childhood memories."

Well, guess what?  Andrew's in possession of even more nostalgia and memorabilia from the show.  In his words, he has "a few cool items."  Add this one to the list.  He also has a copy of the pilot script signed by Uncle Jesse!

Andrew Goldman

Yep!  He has a copy signed by John Stamos (who writes rather largely, I might add) and says that particular copy has some sort of "smudge" at the bottom and says it could possibly be, though he's not for sure, John Stamos' fingerprint.

Andrew posted the script signed by Bob Saget on Owensboro Barter and Trade with the intent to sell it.  The list price- $60.  He says he is also willing to sell the John Stamos copy as well.

If you're a Full House fan and want a couple of pieces of autographed memorabilia from the show, you can contact Andrew by CLICKING HERE!  Just send him a message and he'll be in touch.

In the meantime, you can reminisce by reliving the very first scene of the very first Full House episode.

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