No worries, the chances of you being eaten by a shark in the Ohio are extremely unlikely, but bull sharks have been found in rivers before...

While scrolling through Facebook I noticed a few people I'm friends with share this article. It states that "two fisherman in Shadyside reeled in a shark, and then it swam away in the Ohio."  But here's the thing, it doesn't state where (the Ohio is a really big river), and also Shadyside...?  Shadyside where??  This story resurfaces every once in a while, and each time it's false.

Well there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is, this story is false. The bad news is bull sharks have been found in rivers before, but the Mississippi.  They can survive in freshwater and salt water, but they've never been found in the Ohio. Here's my source on that info if you want to learn more about Bull Sharks and how they can survive in both fresh and saltwater.

When you look at a news article, make sure the source is legit. React365 is not legit, in fact if you look to the left there's an article about a woman slaying an alligator with a butter knife...

The only weapon, Ms. Duke, had was a butter knife, which she was using to spread mayonnaise on a sandwich. Realizing the Gator was a threat to the community, she stealthily creeped up on the Gator and killed it with a swift stab through the eye with her butter knife. Ms. Duke, added all her family would be receiving Gator skin boots for Christmas this year.

Sounds a little unlikely, right??

So let's stop sharing bogus things and causing fake panic online shall we?

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