The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY

This summer, we didn't take a big family vacation like we normally do. But we did get to make some trips within driving distance of the tri-state and one of our favorite excursions was the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

The park opened in 1978 but I visited the park when I was in fifth grade on a field trip circa 1992. I remember loving it but I honestly didn't remember much about the park. It was all a whirlwind - probably because it was 50 of my closest friends and, like, four adults to wrangle us all in.

This time, my daughter and I went so we experienced the park at a leisurely pace. In her words - BEST DAY EVER! We are both horse girls and adore our four-legged friends. But even if you aren't really all that "into" horses, the Kentucky Horse Park should be on your bucket list. They have so many things to see and do.

Ashley S
Ashley S
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The World's Only Equine Theme Park

Marketed as an "Equine Theme Park" you can literally spend all day "horsing around." Ha! Only in Kentucky, right?!

You'll start off your day on a horse-drawn wagon ride, then you can meet and greet famous horses. Next, you'll go see the parade of breeds and be treated to some horse "dancing," if you will. The Big Barn houses some seriously BIG horses and you'll learn how the team tacks them up. The Kid Barn has lots of interactive exhibits for kids of all ages - even some sweet jumps to train on. And then you can relax and take your time in the museums. Don't forget to give Secretariat and Man-O-War a 'nay' as their memorials are both on property.

Ashley S
Ashley S

More to See and Do at the KY Horse Park

There's no shortage of cuddling and petting all of the park's horses but for those who want even more of an up-close and personal experience, the KY Horse Park offers daily horseback and pony rides, hosts various horse shows and events like Breyerfest throughout the year, and even a campground for campers. We've already booked our next camping trip!

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And if you are ready to get down and dirty at the park, you can visit their website for more info. Tickets are available at the park and the staff wanted me to let everyone know to make sure you come before 10 AM or around noon to catch the shows and horse-drawn trolley rides!

See Inside the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY

This summer, we visited the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, and we had an absolute blast. The world's only "Equine Theme Park" you can enjoy a horse-drawn trolley ride, meet world-champion horses, see horses "dance," and learn about all the ways horses have enriched the human experience throughout time. Here's a sneak peek in the park. Visit for more info!



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