Remember Man vs. Food, host Adam Richman would travel all over the country looking to take on food eating challenges that offered prizes and glory to anyone who completed them. It goes way beyond "can you finish this pizza in an hour?" But I'm not sure I ever saw Adam or current host Casey Webb take on a cereal eating challenge.

Guess what, you can.


Did you know you can go to a restaurant where you can only order cereal? They are called, what else, cereal bars. After doing a little digging around, there really aren't any that are considered close, close to the Tri-State. However, in Fostoria, Ohio, there is a cereal bar called One Bowl that opened last year and they have something called "the one bowl challenge".

First, here's a look at One Bowl.

The challenge is, you have to finish a huge bowl of cereal in 25 minutes called the hungry bowl which contains around 20 cups of cereal, which depending on the brand, equals out to about 2.5 boxes. The charge for the challenge is $25. Seriously? I got this. I can polish off one box in no time at all.

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You don't get to choose which cereal goes in your hungry bowl. You get to spin a wheel five times to determine which five kinds of cereal, and yes, you have to mix them, will go into your hungry bowl. The one gimme, if you land on it, a "you pick" option is on the wheel. A gallon of milk goes into the giant bowl, and guess what, you don't have to finish the milk to complete the challenge. No matter the cereal, I always finish the milk.

Does it have to be regular milk? Nope, you can choose your alternative form of milk; I've been using almond milk for about five years now. If you think about it, non-dairy milk wouldn't be as heavy as regular milk in all that cereal. There is a $10 upcharge for non-dairy milk (rude!) but you can bring your own.

Only a single participant can take the challenge. No additional spoons or help is allowed. The only other checkmark in the process, you must schedule your "one bowl challenge" 24 hours in advance.

So the prizes; if you complete the challenge in 25 minutes, you win a cash prize, a t-shirt, a picture on the wall of fame, and bragging rights. Here's another catch, each time a challenger fails, the prize money goes up by five bucks. This past Sunday, the prize money stood at $160.

Think you can do it? HERE is more information on One Bowl and the challenge.

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