Okay, yes, I was born in raised in the Barbecue Capitol of the World, but that doesn't mean I dislike all other barbecue.

I love Memphis barbecue, for example. I've enjoyed it every time I've been there.

And I've always loved Shyler's BBQ. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Evansville.

Soon, unfortunately, I'll have to say it WAS one of my favorite restaurants in Evansville.

It's "only" been open since 1991, so hardly my entire life. But it's always felt like it's been there my entire life.

And not just because the food was so good. I think it's because, atmospherically, it always reminded me of the times when my family would visit Mac's Barbecue in Evansville, way back in the day.

Granted, some of that atmosphere dissipated after the original location on Green River Road near Lincoln Avenue burned down and they moved. But the food was always still amazing.

I wish everyone on the Shyler's team all the best and hope they bounce back somewhere, and successfully, too.


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