I don't think you will be able to fit the congregation inside this tiny Kentucky church.

Kentucky is a beautiful state that is full of rich history...and some pretty interesting roadside attractions. I mean seriously, you can find some pretty unique things throughout the state. Take these, for example.

Quirky Kentucky Attractions

Kentucky can be mighty quirky, as evidenced by these oddball attractions that are all a quick drive from Owensboro.

One of the Smallest Churches in the World located in Kentucky

However, one of the most interesting things that you can find in Kentucky is something that unless you are from that area, you probably had no clue it was even a thing. There's a tiny chapel called Monte Casino at Thomas More College, in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. This chapel is so tiny, that even the smallest congregation wouldn't fit inside.  The chapel measures six by nine feet, with the ceiling inside is eight feet high.

According to Roadside America:

<p>The Monte Casino chapel was built in 1878 at a nearby monastery by a couple of Benedictine monks, and named in 1922 by <em>Ripley's Believe It or Not</em> as the "Smallest Church in the World."</p><p>The monks subsequently left the area, the chapel was abandoned and vandalized, then rescued and moved in 1965 to the college campus. After a restoration, the Monte Casino Chapel was dedicated in 1971.</p>

Why Build a Chapel So Small?

According to Thomas More University, the Chapel was built to provide a quiet place for prayer and meditation in the vineyards where the monks would work.  So, it wasn't intended to be something that a bunch of people would gather at, as you can clearly tell by the size. It has a pretty cool history, which you can learn about in the video below.

Is it Still the Smallest Church in the World?

While this is indeed a small church, it can no longer be called the "Smallest Church in the World". According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest church in the world is the Santa Isabel de Hungria, in Spain. It measures 1.96 square meters, which for us here in the United States, means that it is 21.09 square feet. The world's smallest place of worship can be found inside the Castillo de Colomares.

So, even though the Monte Casino Chapel in Kentucky isn't the world's smallest church, that doesn't mean that it isn't on the list of some of the smallest churches in the world. Either way, it is still a pretty cool sight to see!


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