If you and your family love air shows, then one of your first chances of the summer is coming up soon.

Air Shows Are A Unique Way For Family Bonding

I remember as a kid going to a bunch of different air shows through the years. My favorite is definitely the Chicago Air Show. It's huge with thousands of fans watching from the Lake Michigan shoreline. There's just something special about watching those jets cruise around the city.

I also have great memories of going to many smaller air shows throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. Those were always fun too. I really miss the Rockford Air Show. That was amazing and close to home.

One Of The First Air Shows Of The Summer Is Coming To Illinois

The Cavalcade of Planes is coming to Clow International Airport in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It's happening on Saturday, June 4th, and Sunday, June 5th from 10 am to 4 pm each day. To purchase tickets, HERE.

According to cavalcadeofplanes.com,

 At the Cavalcade of Planes, you will enjoy all kinds of fun.

There will be many types of aircraft to see both flying and on the ground.

You can experience a great event including, formation flying, helicopter demonstrations, and much more!

More Details About The Cavalcade Of Planes

The show will feature all kinds of different types of aircraft including new, vintage, in the sky, on the ground, flying solo, going in formation, and more. There will be vendors along with food and beverages available. Helicopter and airplane rides for sale.

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