Angel here!  Our good buddy Jimmy Parrott started feeling bad last Monday and ended up here at Owensboro Health.  He is now recovering from surgery so I went to visit him-->Bless our little buddy's heart!  He had to have his gallbladder taken out.  My family decided to go visit him and see how he was doing.

Jimmy was doing fantastic and had made all kinds of friends.  His family told me all the nurses, doctors, and even the surgeon said that he was famous!

Angel Welsh

We loved seeing Jimmy and took him a Wonder Woman Doll because she is his favorite!  I asked Jimmy if he needed anything.  He told me he would love cards and messages from our listeners.

So here's the deal.  If you would like to send Jimmy a card you can drop it by the station at 3301 Frederica Street or you can email me at and use the subject line JIMMY PARROTT.  I will make sure and get all of these messages to him!