More than 38,000 turkeys were euthanized at poultry farms in Indiana after outbreaks of avian influenza. Outbreaks across the country continue to drive consumer price increases at the grocery line.

12,000 Turkeys Infected in Daviess County

According to a report from, approximately 12,000 turkeys were confirmed to be infected with Avian Influenza in Daviess County, Indiana resulting in the flock being killed off to prevent the spread of the disease.

Wille Bird Turkey Farm Gets Ready For Thanksgiving
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Another 27,000+ Turkeys Infected in Martin County

In addition to the 12,000 turkeys in Daviess County, another flock in Martin County, Indiana had to be euthanized after testing positive for the disease. There were over 27,000 afflicted turkeys at that poultry farm.

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What Is Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and Are Humans at Risk?

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, or HPAI, is a type of Influenza virus that poses little threat to humans, according to the CDC. However rare, transmission to humans is possible under certain circumstances.

Direct infection can occur from exposure to saliva, mucous, or feces from infected birds. Bird flu infections among people are rare; however, human infections can happen when enough virus gets into a person’s eyes, nose, or mouth, or is inhaled. People with close or prolonged unprotected contact (not wearing respiratory and eye protection) with infected birds or places that sick birds or their mucous, saliva, or feces have contaminated, might be at greater risk of bird flu virus infection.

Turkey's Inflation Reaching Record High 70%
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Feeling It In Our Bank Accounts

While humans may not be at risk of contracting Avian Influenza, our bank accounts are not immune to the virus. Americans have seen a continued increase in the cost of turkey, chicken, and egg prices as a result of the virus. Just how much of a change have we seen in the price of poultry and eggs since this time last year? According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Consumer Price Index, poultry (chicken - fresh, frozen, whole, and parts, as well as turkey) are up collectively by just over 13%. Turkey is up nearly 18% and perhaps most staggering, is the increase in the consumer cost of eggs. From November 2021 to November 2022, the price of eggs increased by 49.1% according to As food prices continue to rise, check out our list of 15 foods you can grow yourself from scraps.

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