If you purchased sugar recently, there's a chance that it might contain something more dangerous than sugar, if ingested.

We all use sugar for a variety of things. Whether it be for baking, cooking, or making a delicious picture of sweet tea, the uses for sugar are endless. Since we use sugar for so much, That's why it's necessary that you know about a new recall that involves sugar.

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October 2022 Sugar Recall Details

According to an FDA Enforcement Report, certain Domino and C&H Sugar Tubs might have been contaminated with pieces of metal wire. As you know, if consumed, this could cause serious internal injuries.

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There are  6040 cases of sugar that are a part of this recall. The potential metal wire pieces came from a broken screen. Details of how this foreign matter got into the sugar have not been announced at this time.

To be specific, this recall is for Domino and C&H Granulated Pure Cane Sugar Easy Baking Tub packaged in 3.5lb plastic tubs 6 tubs per case. According to the FDA Enforcement Report :

Customers who purchased Domino sugar should look for specific identifiers on the packaging. The products with the following lot numbers, product numbers, and best-by dates are included in the recall:

  • Lot Numbers: 52362, 52363, 52364, 52365, 52371, 52372, 52373, 52374, 52375, 52411, 52412, 52413, 52414, 52415
  • Product Numbers: 533031, 433478
  • Best By: 09/06/25 through 09/09/25, 09/12/25 through 09/16/25, 10/10/25 through 10/14/25

These products were sold in 22 states that include Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Other states involved in this recall include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

If you purchased Domino or C&H Granulated sugar recently, check the packaging to make sure it does not fall under this recall. Obviously, if you have any sugar that is a part of this recall, you should stop using it. Granted, I understand that most people put their sugar inside of jars, and toss away the packaging, so it may be hard to determine if you have the sugar products at home or not.

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