Bluegrass Today is an online service for fans of Bluegrass music. They announced yesterday that it is establishing an Owensboro presence to be headed by Sean Dysinger.  (Keith Lawrence Messenger Inquirer)

This online service is based in Nashville and co-founder, Terry Herd says "We recognize Kentucky's important role in Bluegrass music's past, present and future, and Owensboro is at the epicenter of it all. By establishing a presence in Owensboro, we intend to show our commitment to the region, as well as bluegrass music's future."

The Country Station 92.5 WBKR holds a Sunday Evening show called Into the Blue.  It is the nations largest and longest-running nationally syndicated bluegrass radio program.  Into the Blue started in 2006 and is sponsered by the Owensboro CVB and Kentucky's Bluegrass, Blues & Barbecue Region.

Sean Dysinger

Sean Dysinger is the former director of sales and tourism development for the Owensboro CVB. He says "I'll probably do most of my work from home.  "There will be some travel for festivals and what not, but I hesitate to call that work."

Dysinger says this is a way for him to connect with people that make the music, people buying the music and people who love the Bluegrass Heritage.  He says "I really like the idea that I can help that up and coming band connect with fans that otherwise never get a chance to hear them.  There are a lot of great groups out there that know music but not marketing."  Sean Can Help!!