The Daviess County Animal Shelter is in search of a place to host their annual yard sale. 100% of the proceeds will benefit homeless animals in the community. It can also be a tax write-off for you.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Daviess County Animal Shelter is hosting another yard sale that will benefit homeless pets at the shelter, but they need our help to make it happen. It's one of their biggest fundraisers of the year, but because of the pandemic it was unable to happen in 2020. The hope is that they can find a building available to use for two or three weeks. If you have an empty building or space in a safe area, with public access, then please consider hosting this event. So many beautiful animals are depending on you!

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They'll also be looking for donations once the place has been chosen. Is it time to do a little spring cleaning? This will be the perfect place to donate those items and save more lives. The money raised will go directly to the medical needs of the shelter animals and to the spay/neuter program. Don't they all deserve that second chance at love and life!

First things first. Let's get them a building that can host the event. Do you have space, or know somebody that does? You can contact the shelter directly with all of that information. Oh, and it would be a tax write-off as well! #incentive

The work done at the Daviess County Animal Shelter is inspirational. The shelter volunteers work so hard on this benefit sale because they know that it will help in the mission of saving the lives of more animals. It warms this animal lovers heart!

Don't forget that the shelter always needs donations. Beyond monetary donations, you can always drop off dog or cat food. Cat litter, dog beds, food/water dishes, treats, along with towels and blankets. You can always reach out to the shelter to see what's needed the MOST at any given moment. Becoming a shelter volunteer is also a great way to give back and help save lives. Tour the shelter and get more information today!

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