Get ready!  It's going to be bigger. Better. Beefier.  Owensboro's Burger Week is coming back!

Visit Owensboro and the City of Owensboro are again joining forces for Burger Week.  The inaugural event was held in March of 2021 and was a deliciously successful event in every definition of the word.  Last year, according to Visit Owensboro's Dave Kirk, the goal was to sell 5,000 burgers.  Well, the event was so popular it's safe to say it turned into a double.  When it was all said and done and the last burger was flipped, the participating restaurants joined forces to sell a combined 11,000 hamburgers.

I had the honor of serving as a judge.  In fact, I believe at one point, I had eaten something like 13 burgers in two days.  LOL!  But you know what?  I am ready to do it again and I will.  For the second year in a row, I get the honor of shoveling a bunch of burgers into my face. A message to all participating sponsors- you better bring it!

While Visit Owensboro is still recruiting restaurants for this year's Burger Week, they've already surpassed the number competing last year.  For 2022, we're over 30 and counting! And each returning location has been challenged to create a new burger for the 2022 event.


During Owensboro Burger Week, each of those participating restaurants will be selling their burger for $7 including tax.  Those restaurants also decide how large the burger will be, what kind of burger it will be and if it comes with any sides.

Once again, there will be a panel of judges, who will sample the burgers blindly.  We won't know where they came from, who made them or anything.  But we will rely on our taste buds to help us choose an overall winner.

2021's WINNERS


Last year, the winning burger came from O'Bryan's Bar & Grill in West Louisville. Legend's came in second and Wonder Whip snagged 3rd Place.

And, as in 2021, participants (i.e. YOU) will be encouraged to share your Burger Week experiences on social media and prizes will be available for some of the folks who do.


In the meantime, grab a bib and save the date!  Burger Week 2022 is March 1st through the 5th!  For more information and a map of participating restaurants, visit the website

#OwensboroBurgerWeek is sponsored by the Kentucky Beef Council, Independence Bank, Hillview Farm Meats and Green River Appliance.

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