Due to the Coronavirus, many couples planning their weddings after March of 2020 have had an unsure future of when they may be able to tie the knot.  Chelsea Root and Steven Simmons are in the same boat and decided they would freeze an everlasting moment of this in time.
Chelsea and Steven were supposed to get married on Saturday, June 13th, 2020, but have had to move their wedding to Saturday, June 12th, 2021.
The couple met online in 2018.   Chelsea says they claim the anniversary date of September 4th because that is the very first time they said "I love you" to one another. 
Steven proposed on June 9th, 2019 just one day before Chelsea's birthday.  Her whole family was in on the big surprise.  Steven actually had a huge thing planned to propose but they had to change plans and he ended up doing it where Chelsea was house sitting.
They decided to postpone the wedding because in March the bridal party still did not have dresses.  The bridal shop was supposed to open on April 1st and did not.  The ladies were not comfortable ordering dresses online.  So they began to think about options on rescheduling.  They decided to just reschedule and take a day next year because Jacy English from Mustard Seed Photography was unavailable on the other day they decided.  There were many other reasons for rescheduling including no bachelorette party and if they kept their date only 50 people could attend their special day.  This did not work at all.
Here's where they got creative according to Chelsea;
So when I originally contacted Jacy at Mustard Seed Photography about doing my wedding pictures, the package I purchased came with a 30-minute engagement session. But Steve and I, we aren’t those kind of people. We don’t take a bunch of pictures together and all that, so I told her to just add that 30 minutes to the wedding day. Well, when all this happened and we made the decision to use that 30 minutes for a re-save the date session. I messaged jacy and she instantly was like yes let’s do it as soon as I can start taking pictures and we were all excited. I started googling covid 19 wedding shoot and all the couple were all dressed up and looked super cute and normal like regular engagement pictures but with masks on. I told steve when we were planning this we are going all out and making it how people were looking when this all first started here. When we showed up in had a package of 45 rolls of toilet paper, matching masks ( yellow is one of my wedding colors ), 2 corona beers, and 2 paint suits that we bought at Home Depot. Jacy and I were discussing things as we were walking to the spot where we were doing pictures and we all cracked up when I told her we had paint suits and everything. Steve and myself , we are naturally goofy and awkward. So it made the photoshoot that much more interesting and funny. There were a couple times where we had to take a second because we were all laughing.
The couple will get married at Corner House Bed and Breakfast in Rockport.

Couple Takes Epic Resave The Date Wedding Pics

If you have had to cancel your wedding this year we want the story and definitely pictures if you have had them.  We absolutely hate that couples are having to wait to get married but we love this couple is rolling with the punches.

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