This video comes with a warning label.  When she shared it on Facebook, my friend Lacy Jean said, "Only watch if you need a good cry. Or laugh."  Lacy's youngest son put together a video tribute to the family's possum Boopsie, who passed away last week after an amazing life.

Lacy says her son Elías found Boopsie in the yard.  "The family dog was after it."  Elías ran in and told his mom that he found a "weird looking mouse".  Lacy saw it, knew what it was and "decided to take care of it until it was big enough to go to the woods."

As can happen when wild animals are domesticated, Boopsie ended up being too tame to be sent back out on her own.  So, she officially became a member of the household.  The family had her 3-and-a-half years before she passed.

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