When Trey Johnson told his mother, Lisa, he was going to embark on an epic hike across parts of our country, she didn't understand why he, why anyone would want to do that.  That was 26 and a half weeks and over 2100 miles ago.  Over the weekend, Lisa flew to Bangor, Maine to pick up her son and bring him home.  Yes, she flew all the way to Maine.  He began his quest, this half-year-long journey of self-discovery in Georgia.  And he made the trip with his best friend, his dog Mo.


Photo courtesy of Lisa Miles
Lisa's first instinct, when Trey told her about his plans to hike the Appalachian Trail, was exactly what any mother's would be . . . to say, "No!  You are NOT going."  As Lisa explained, "Well, of course, he went anyway."  And, boy, did he!  Trey covered over 2100 miles- an absolutely amazing feat.  Or should we say "amazing feet."
Trey began his journey in Georgia and ended it about 70 miles from Bangor, Maine.  The only real setback in the trip involved Mo.  At one point, she became ill and had to be taken to see a veterinarian.  Mo was diagnosed with Lyme disease, was treated for a few days and released back to the trail.  And their journey continued.
According to his mom, "Trey's kind of an old soul - not big on technology or crowds ...this was such a calming experience for him."  Though it wasn't too calming for his mom.  Lisa flew to Maine and picked Trey and Mo up at the airport in Bangor.  After crying "tears of joy" all day, Lisa was reunited with the two and made sure she emphasized her end of this bargain.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Miles
Lisa and Trey had a deal.  He wants to do another trail and he can . . . AFTER he finishes college.  Lisa says, "If he doesn't get a degree, he won't be able to see."
But we know the guy (and his dog) can walk.  They walked over 2100 miles together over 26 weeks.  And, oh, the stories they can share.  I just wonder how many Lisa will get to hear.