Today's the big day for Ron Ebling.  The Owensboro resident was recently selected as a semifinalist in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest on the popular TV show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. For making the semifinals, Ron got the opportunity to appear on a segment of the show, which he taped a couple of weeks ago.  He hasn't been able to say much about the episode, but this morning marks the big reveal!

Last evening, on his Facebook page, Ron encouraged his family and friends to tune in!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to Live with Kelly and Ryan!! 9 am central time on ABC!! I'm so nervous and I know how it all goes down LOL. In the words of a group I love....When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies When I grow up I wanna see the world Drive nice cars I wanna have groupies!

Live with Kelly and Ryan airs at 9am on WEHT, the tristate's ABC affiliate.

In case you missed the story behind Ron's sweater he entered in the contest, here's a refresher.  Ron chatted with Angel recently here at WBKR and he told her that the sweater originally belonged to a friend of his from Phoenix.  The friend wore that sweater to Ron's own Ugly Christmas Sweater Party about eight years ago.  Ron loved the sweater so much, the friend ended up giving it to him.  Ron then added some bling of his own to it.  He added flashing lights that play music and loaded it up with Christmas ribbons.  The rest is history!

Ron Ebling
Ron Ebling

This morning, that sweater could be declared the UGLIEST on national television.

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