I live on the west side of Owensboro and I had a hunch that something was going on this morning.  I woke up to many emergency vehicles racing through our side of town.  And now we know why.  The Owensboro City Police Department is investigating a series of early morning property fires on the southwest side of the city.

Authorities say multiple fires broke out around 4am this morning on the southwest side of Owensboro.  The damaged property includes three vehicles, a storage shed, a baby crib and a bicycle. And a residence near the bicycle also suffered minor damage in one of the fires. The Owensboro Fire Department responded to each incident.

Detectives continue to investigate and, as of now, no suspects have been named.  That said, if you have any information regarding one or more of these incidents, you are asked to call the Owensboro Police Department at 270-687-8888 or Crime Stoppers at 270-687-8484