On Saturday morning, three Red Cross volunteers from Owensboro flew to California, where they will help provide relief to families and residents affected by wildfires.

According to Evelyn Miller (Executive Director of the Western Kentucky Chapter), the three volunters are Kathy Grochowski, Lois Carraway and Clay Basham.

Kathy and Lois are sisters and are longtime American Red Cross volunteers.  As a matter of fact, they both just returned from the Florida Panhandle, where they worked for two weeks in a Red Cross shelter.

According to Miller, Clay Basham is a "relatively new" Red Cross volunteer, but he has literally hit the ground running.  This will be his second deployment.  He was one of the very first volunteers to respond to Florida following Hurricane Michael.

The three flew out of Owensboro for California yesterday morning.  Upon arrival, they will assist with sheltering families who have been displaced by wildfires that continue to rage in the state.

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