Whitney Howard had read the negative postings on the internet about a local Pastor. Rather than believe the negative things being said, she decided to find out for herself if these things were true. She had not attended a church service in years when she walked through the door of HIS Church to listen to Pastor Brian Gibson. During the service, God spoke to her heart and a spiritual transformation began to take shape.

After church, Whitney went home and put her faith into action. She made a purposeful decision to place God first in her family. Things began to change for the better. An estranged marriage was renewed and the family is now attending church on a regular basis. She credits Pastor Gibson's message to leading her closer to Christ.

The renewal in Whitney's life led to a physical transformation also. Through intermittent fasting, Whitney lost over 50 pounds! She is healthy in every way and is now ready to take on the challenge of leading the Shepherd's Hand Ministry started by her grandmother, Gwen Bennett.

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When we allow God to examine our hearts and show us His Way, what seems impossible becomes reality. With God all things are possible!

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