Brenda Sharp is now in her 5th Month of living a Healthy Lifestyle! She has progressed so much in her exercise routine and is now walking 5 days a week! Brenda is learning how to walk with God daily and she is spending her early morning time exercising in His Spirit. She has also discovered our beautiful Greenbelt and is walking on it early early in the morning before she goes to work.

Brenda started out walking for 15-minutes 3 days a week. She then increased her time to 20-minutes 3 days a week. After her body got adjusted to the change I encouraged her to increase her time walking to 25-minutes 3 days a week. From there she progressed her time to 30-minutes 5 days a week. Since she was doing incredibly well with this amount of time I decided she should go up to 45-minutes 5 days a week.

Brenda has also incorporated attending my Total Body Challenge classes each Tuesday and Thursday at OCC and then she attends my Pilates for the Soul class after Total Body. I am so proud of Brenda and all that she has accomplished in these months. She gives all the glory to God and He has strengthened her each step that she has taken.

In the exercise segment Brenda demonstrates a simple standing core exercise that you can do anywhere! Give it a try!

For more exercises that you can do anywhere check out my Youtube Channel at