Can you help my friend Robin find her missing necklace? I've known Robin Bowlds Bartlett for about as long as she has owned this necklace. It's very special to her and now it's lost. She has retraced her steps from the day the necklace went missing to no avail. Maybe we can help place it back around her neck soon!

Robin Bowlds Bartlett

Robin took to social media for some help. "This is my last resort and I know it’s a long shot! About a month ago a lost this necklace I have looked everywhere I know to look I went to Walmart on Frederica st. the day I lost it. I have called and went out there several times with no luck. I have had this necklace 20+ years it is very sentimental to me. So if you all wouldn’t mind sharing this maybe somebody knows something or someone. I know it’s a shot in the dark but I had to try. Thanks for sharing."

I asked Robin why this necklace means so much, "I received it from Jack, my ex husband, for Christmas 20 years ago. I never took it off, but I guess the chain broke and I didn’t know it. Jack passed away on July 28th, 2020 so it really holds sentimental value to me."

And, I'm sure their daughter Jill would love to have it one day too.

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Listen, I was burglarized in March of 2013. This, of course, isn't the same thing, but I know what it's like to lose something that means a lot to you and your family. It's devastating. I looked in pawn shops and checked on-line sellers, with a quest to recover what was taken. To no avail, but I hope whoever is wearing my beautiful jewelry is enjoying the heck out of it (okay, I'm only so nice!). So many people were involved in the "heist" that you just wish someone would have come forward.

While, of course this is quite different, someone can still come forward if they've found the necklace, so it can be returned to my friend Robin. If you have any information contact Robin HERE.

Robin Bowlds Bartlett

Robin is missing a piece of her. She can be seen wearing the necklace in almost every photo on social media. She is such a special person and I pray that it's found soon!

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