In the past, I've actually avoided going to certain places because I've deemed their parking lots to be too much of a headache. So I'd put it off.

Thing is, not every establishment stays open 24/7 like Walmart or Meijer, so you just have to bite the bullet and go.

I conducted an informal Facebook survey and got some answers to the question, "What are the worst parking lots in Owensboro?"

In no particular order:

The Thatch at 18th and Sweeney

Dave Spencer

Unless you're parking right up next to the building, you may not know whether you're parking in a space or the drive area.

Kroger Fuel Center on Frederica

Dave Spencer

I don't think there's anything that can be done about how the lots are set up around these fuel centers.

Kroger on Starlite

Dave Spencer

Might as well package these together. Again, I believe this Kroger parking lot's issues can't be helped and are probably just due to the store always being very busy. Or maybe it's that large slope from the back of the lot down to the store.

Mi Ranchito on West Parrish

Dave Spencer

This is an odd parking lot. When you're ready to leave this mini-strip mall, you're facing away from the road, leading to a lot of vehicular maneuvering to get turned around.


Dave Spencer

This is here probably because of where it's located--near the very busy intersection of Frederica and Booth/24th.

The Springs

Dave Spencer

For me, I'm never exactly sure which building I need to be in, so I end up parking pretty far away from my entrance.


Dave Spencer

One comment dealt with the difficulty of seeing the lines in the parking lot. Another was a complaint about the shrubs that make it hard to see oncoming traffic. But that's more an issue for the entire strip mall, I'd guess.


Dave Spencer

Both Walmarts made the cut, but I'd have to say that I don't mind their parking lots. They are immense, for one thing. With no comments from which to draw conclusions, I'll guess that both locations of the retail giant are here because--familiar tune--they are probably the busiest stores in town. Even in the late night hours, it's not exactly like you can park close to the building.