Smoothies have become our jam out at the house. And, actually, JAM is a really good ingredient in a smoothie. Or preserves, either one.

It's so quick and easy to throw a banana, some peaches, and almond milk into the smoothie and head on out. Oh, and yes, that is a TREMENDOUS combination, we have found.

But we do not hold a candle to those who do smoothies for a living. And soon, we'll ALL be able to enjoy some healthy and delicious concoctions, once Tropical Smoothie Cafe opens at the corner of Frederica Street and Emory Drive in Owensboro.

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Now, I've gotta be honest. I had never heard of Tropical Smoothie Cafe before we got word we were getting one here in the city--and, by the way, it opens June 7th.

But I'm excited. I love smoothies and the folks at Tropical Smoothie Cafe have come up with combinations that never occurred to me, although I guess almost ANYTHING within reason can be put into a smoothie.

How about dragon fruit with mango, pineapple, and banana, or maybe strawberries with pineapple, white chocolate, and coconut. Lord, that sounds good.

And that just barely scratches the surface. Check out the complete smoothie menu, and, while you're at it, don't miss what Tropical Smoothie Cafe has to offer on its breakfast and cafe menu. The selection is awesome and features wraps, salads, flatbreads, quesadillas, bowls, and unique sides.

The beginning of June is a great time to kick off something like Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It's perfect for summer.

And we are ALL ready for summer, aren't we?

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