Every time my dad's old home movies--shot on Super 8--comes up in conversation, I work toward changing the subject.

Oh, I still have them--in a heavy metal container--but I can't view them. And, yes, I know there are ways to transfer them, but they're so fragile, they likely wouldn't survive any type of conversion.

On one of those old reels is a recording of several houseboats being lowered into the Ohio River, back when they lined a marina at the foot of the old boat ramp, which was at the end of Frederica Street.

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I went with him the day he made that movie and I had a blast. I had a blast watching it in the living room on the projection screen, even though I'd seen it live.

When Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce posted this on its Facebook page, I immediately thought of Dad. He would have LOVED seeing this new Yager Materials barge launched into the Ohio River. It IS really cool; I've never seen it done. Check it out:

In fact, not only would Dad have made sure he was down there for the event, he might have convinced enough people to let him be RIGHT THERE where only officials were allowed to stand.

As the Chamber's post says, Yager Materials is one of Owensboro's top employers. Headquartered here, it's one of the city's oldest active businesses, with satellite locations up and down the Ohio River from the top of the "Needle" in Weirton, West Virginia all the down to Daviess County.

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