First, do you know what a "palindrome" is? It's a word or a phrase that's spelled the same way forward and backward like civic, level, or mom. Famous palindromic phrases include, "Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam" and "A man, a plan, a canal...Panama."

Well, Sunday is when everything happened.

We had the Super Bowl. It was Groundhog Day. AND it was unofficially Palindrome Day since the date was 02-02-2020.

Well a new mother in Lexington took it one step further and gave birth to a "palindrome baby."

WKYT-Lexington tells us that, on Sunday, Laken Masters gave birth to a daughter, Charlee Rose Masters, at 8:02PM.

In military time, that's 20:02.

I mean, why not?

And after two miscarriages, Laken Masters is just thrilled to have a healthy baby.

But having a baby at a palindromic time on a palindromic day that also tripled as Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday...well, this could be a very special baby, indeed.

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